Why did you create your own firm?As a client, how do I benefit?Are my assets safe with Charles Schwab?

In the simplest terms, we believe we can do more for clients now, and in the future, with our own independent firm.  We can be more objective in our pursuit of the most appropriate investments, credit and trust solutions for clients.  We can be more collaborative by leveraging advances in technology to provide better access to information, planning and performance.  And we will have more control over the client-experience including fees, communication and service-delivery.

Empowering our decision to be independent is our partnership with Sanctuary Wealth. Through its platform, Muirwood has access to outstanding back-office support, industry-leading resources, economies of scale, and best practices from a peer group of elite advisors who share our passion for serving our clients.

Because our firm is team-oriented, you’ll benefit from the collaborative approach we take in serving you. As the team anticipates your changing needs and circumstances, we’ll be able to offer you an enhanced array of investment solutions – which means we can truly place our clients’ best interests first, in fulfillment of our fiduciary duty.  In addition, we anticipate adding services in the future and look forward to sharing those with you when ready.

Charles Schwab is one of the world’s largest custodians with over $4.05 trillion in client assets. Charles Schwab meets industry standards for protecting its clients’ assets and is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), with excess SIPC protection offered through Lloyd’s of London up to an aggregate of $600M in additional insurance specifically for the protection of client assets. Charles Schwab offers the safety of both its size and financial strength, backed by more than 30 years of experience supporting independent advisors like Muirwood. Charles Schwab manages the time-consuming back-office functions so we can focus addressing the needs of our cherished clients, like you.

How do I get started with Muirwood Private Wealth?Is your office open?Do you offer banking services?

First, we analyze your current circumstances and discuss your goals. Then we create a roadmap. Once agreed upon, we will establish accounts and we will initiate the transfer of assets from your current firm within a matter of days.

Yes, we have fully reopened according to federal, state and local mandates. The health and safety of you and our employees is a priority. For in-person meetings, we request that all visitors schedule an appointment and follow California Department of Health guidelines (including wearing a mask if unvaccinated). Click HERE to see photos of our office.

The Muirwood team is available to help you with automating bill payments, transferring loan balances, and all other banking services.

How do I log in to Charles Schwab... and what can I do?What is the Muirwood Client Portal... and why do I need it?What do your services cost?

Once we establish your accounts and the assets have transferred, you can establish online access to your account information on Schwab Alliance @ www.schwaballiance.com. You’ll simply need one of your account numbers and your social security number to get started. As an extra layer of security Schwab will text an access code to your mobile phone or call you directly. If you need further assistance, please call us.

Once logged in, you can update personal information, trusted contacts and beneficiaries as well as nickname accounts, add an authorized viewer and review your paperless settings. Click HERE  for step-by-step instructions.

The Muirwood Client Portal is a core component of the services we offer. It allows us to capture your goals and model your financial future.  The model is dynamic allowing us to collaboratively evaluate different scenarios (e.g. buying a larger home, investing in a business, retiring early). Additionally, it provides deeper analysis of your current portfolios, including assets held outside of Charles Schwab.

We do not charge for an initial consultation.  Additionally, as fiduciaries, we do not charge commissions.  Instead, we charge an advisory fee which is determined by various factors including assets under management and the complexity of the portfolio.

On behalf of the team at Muirwood Private Wealth,
thank you for choosing us as your wealth manager.